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Tuition and Fees


Annual Tuition is payable using your choice of Payment Plans. Tuition may be paid via FACTS Tuition Management in one lump sum on September 1 (for a 5% discount), in two payments on September 1 and January 1 (for a 2% discount), or in ten monthly payments beginning August 1 and ending May 1. During Online Enrollment, each family will select a Payment Plan relative to methods and timing of payments. Continuously enrolled families will remain on the same payment plan unless the office is notified otherwise. 

Note: Students enrolling after the first full month of school will receive a prorated tuition based on months remaining in the school year.

Other Fees: Tuition payments are remitted through FACTS for an annual fee of $20-50, based on number of payments.  FACTS also assesses a $30 fee for any returned payments.

FACTS Payment Methods: Payment options available are automatic bank draft and debit/credit card. Debit/Credit card payments are available for a 2.85% processing fee.

Incidental charges (billed separately each month through FACTS) include and are not limited to the following: Red Chapel Polo Embroidery, Field Trips, Late Arrival/No Lunch Fees, and Before/After School Care tuition. 

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Note: Kardia will apply a late fee of $5 per minute after 5:30 PM

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