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Vision: Cultivating God-given potential in the heart and mind of a child.


Kardia Christian Academy serves families with students in Kindergarten – 6th grade. Kardia offers a program called Developing Kindergarten Skills for students interested in bridging. The Academy offers small class sizes with dedicated teachers who seek to cultivate the God-given potential of each student.


We pledge to the community we are...




Engaging Students with

  • the joy of learning through experiences and enrichments

  • higher level thinking skills

  • dedicated teachers

  • small class sizes (DK and K: 1 teacher-12 students; 1st-6th: 1 teacher-15 students)


It is our mission at Kardia to help students reach their God-given potential academically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  We use curriculum, enrichments, and other experiences such as field trips and guest presenters, that will not only teach our students the knowledge they need to know, but also instill in them a love for learning.  We want to provide them with the opportunity to engage with the information they are learning and make it come to life for them.

Involving families by

  • keeping them fully informed

  • listening to their concerns

  • partnering with them to enable students to reach their God-given potential


We realize we have an important role as educators, but we are not the only people in your child's life that have an impact on their education and development. At Kardia, we believe it is crucial to your child's success for everyone involved in their life to be aware of what is going on in school and to partner together to help your child reach their fullest potential.

Seeking God's Heart through

  • daily bible study

  • prayer

  • Christian curriculum

  • Pastoral guidance


Knowing and seeking God is the foundation of everything we do here at Kardia. We recognize that having a relationship with God is more important than anything else we can teach our students and we strive to convey that importance to our students. We want our students to become young men and women who are daily seeking to know God better and become more like him. We pray that we can give them the knowledge and skills to impact our world for Christ and share their beliefs with those around him.

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