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Kardia Christian Academy boasts an active, engaging environment where instructional decisions are intentionally made to support the growth of the whole student – spiritually, academically, and socially-emotionally – including small class sizes with dedicated teachers who seek to cultivate the God-given potential of each student. 

We currently offer education opportunities for Developing Kindergarten through 6th grade—with 7th grade coming in 2023 and 8th grade in 2024. Additionally, Kardia offers a program called Developing Kindergarten Skills (DK) for students interested in bridging.


We filter every subject through the lens of a biblical worldview that’s rooted in the infallible Word of God.

Low Student-Teacher Ratios




1st - 7th Grade


Curriculum & Assessments

We follow both the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Biblical Worldview to guide the curriculum framework to meet or exceed the knowledge skillset requirements for each grade level in the following subjects:

  • Bible

  • English Language Arts and Reading

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Physical Education

  • Fine Arts

    • Art

    • Library

    • Music

    • Spanish

    • Hand Chimes (3rd Grade)

    • Drama/Band (4th – 6th Grade)


In the spring, we use the IOWA Assessments to measure and monitor academic growth and progress.


Low Student-Teacher Ratios

Kardia offers small class sizes, bolstering an active and engaging learning environment.

  • Kindergarten — 1:12

  • Elementary (1st-5th Grade) — 1:15

  • Middle School (6th-7th Grade) — 1:15


The God-given gifts and callings that are discovered during our students' journey here at Kardia will prepare them to lead and love others in Jesus' name.

Programs & Enhancements

Under the leadership of passionate staff members, Kardia offers several educational programs and elective options for students to explore their God-given gifts and talents:

  • Elective options from the Arts, Sciences, and Literature.


  • Philanthropy

  • SEL (Social Emotional Leadership)

  • Field Trips

Learn more under our Student Life section >

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