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Meet Our Team

Our Faculty

The foundation of our academy is our faculty. Our teachers and administration are deeply committed to developing our students both academically and spiritually.

Kim Watson - Provost.png


Kim Watson

Ashlynn Sisson - Administrative Assistant.png

Administrative Assistant

Ashlynn Sisson

Emily Gidden - Kindergarten.png

Kindergarten Teacher

Emily Gidden

Mason Epps - 1st Grade.png

First Grade Teacher

Mason Epps

Lisa Carnes - 3rd Grade.png

Third Grade Teacher

Lisa Carnes

Jenni Sorrells - 6th Grade.png

Sixth Grade Teacher

Jenni Sorrells

JoEllis McCall - Principal.png


JoEllis McCall

Susie Nelson - Interventionist.png


Susie Nelson

Kelly McDaniel - Kindergarten.png

Kindergarten Teacher

Kelly McDaniel

Carol Edmiston - 2nd Grade.png

Second Grade Teacher

Carol Edmistom

Melinda Moyers - 4th Grade.png

Fourth Grade Teacher

Melinda Moyers

Kate Hillegeist - Bible_Music_Spanish.png

Bible, Spanish & Music Teacher

Kate Hillegeist

Teddi Melcher - Executive Assistant.png

Executive Assistant

Teddi Melcher

Rachel Lyda - Kindergarten Inclusion.png

Kindergarten Inclusion

Rachel Lyda

Courtney Lemm - 1st Grade.png

First Grade Teacher

Courtney Lemm

Helen Beach - 3rd Grade.png

Third Grade Teacher

Helen Beach

Danielle Beyrand - 5th Grade.png

Fifth Grade Teacher

Danielle Beyrand

Rita Lengua - PE.png

P.E. Teacher

Rita Lengua

Kardia School Board

Kardia is governed by the following passionate group of Christians with diverse backgrounds and education:


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